Our Christmas Trees

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir is the most popular selling Christmas tree in the UK. This tree has dark green glossy foliage which is soft to touch and has a nice scented fragrance. The soft foliage makes it perfect for the whole family to decorate. It is the original low needle drop tree with very good needle retention. This tree is the best choice for an indoor display.
3 – 4 FT£38
4 – 5 FT£43
5 – 6 FT£48
6 – 7 FT£58
7 – 8 FT£68
8 – 9 FT£78
9 – 10 FT£100
10 – 12 FT£120
12 – 14 FT£140
14 – 16 FT£160
16 – 18 FT£180
18 – 20 FT£200
20 – 22 FT£220

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is widely considered to be the traditional Christmas tree. This tree has its own unique pine fragrance, feel and shape that will remind you of a traditional Christmas. This tree is a good choice for an outdoor display, for indoor use we would recommend displaying this tree from mid December onwards as the needle retention on the Norway Spruce is not as good as the Nordmann Fir.
3 – 4 FT£28
4 – 5 FT£33
5 – 6 FT£38
6 – 7 FT£48
7 – 8 FT£58
8 – 9 FT£68
9 – 10 FT£80
10 – 12 FT£95
12 – 14 FT£115
14 – 16 FT£135
16 – 18 FT£155
18 – 20FT£175
Not available to order online but we have trees available to buy at our farm.
Norway Spruce Christmas Tree
Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Blue Spruce

4 – 5 FT£43
5 – 6 FT£48
6 – 7 FT£58
7 – 8 FT£68
8 – 9 FT£78
9 – 10 FT£100
Not available to order online but we have trees available to buy at our farm.

Pot Grown Trees

Our pot grown trees have been grown in the pot from a seedling. They have a full living root system. These trees can carry on growing in the pot or can be planted in the garden. If would like to keep the tree growing in the pot after Christmas regular watering will be required.
Tree SpeciesHeightPrice
Norway Spruce100-120cm£50
Nordmann Fir100-120cm£55
Pot Grown Nordmann Fir

The Blue Spruce is renowned for its beautiful striking icy blue colour. This is a good choice for a stand out display. The needles are slightly prickly to touch so are not as suitable with young children or inquisitive pets. The needle retention on this tree is reasonably good.

We also sell…

Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas Tree Stands

The stand we sell is called a quickstand. This stand is easy to use and has a large water holding capacity which is very important for keeping your tree fresh. The tree slots easily over the prongs of the frame into position and stands in the heavy duty plastic bowl. It is our best selling stand and will last for future years as it is made of good quality material. It is finished in rust resistant anodised steel.

Quickstand 8 Medium = £25
Suitable for trees up to 8ft

Quickstand 10 Large = £35
Suitable for trees up to 10ft

Handmade Wreaths

All of our wreaths are handmade. We use freshly cut Noble Fir and incorporate locally sourced feature decorations. The Noble Fir foliage has a lovely Christmas fragrance and is soft to touch, perfect to hang on a door or display as Christmas decoration.

10 inch wreath fully decorated = £20
10 inch wreath plain* = £15
20 inch decorated = £30
36 inch decorated = £55
Star – decorated = £55

* not decorated, green foliage only ready for you to decorate

Handmade Christmas Wreaths
Christmas Tree Stands

Seasoned Logs

This year we have seasoned logs for sale either online or at the farm. They’re sold in individual nets for £10 or dumpy bags at £85 each.